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Over the last 15 years we have seen the explosion of the internet, most online secured loans enquiries now arrive via the web. The older methods of applying through the post or over the telephone are now less common.

From a customer perspective it’s fantastic as they now have so many ways of securing a loan. As technology continues to advance it’s only going to provide further options.


Can I get a better deal on a secured loan online?

The secured lending market however really operates within a close community and most lender/broker relationships have been developed over years. Due to this the best way of being successful when sourcing online secured loans is to use a reputable broker.


The benefit of an online secured loan

They can really leverage their relationships with the lenders –  this can be of huge value particularly when searching secured loans for bad credit. If you have a clear and impeccable credit profile then you will want to get access to cheap secured loans. If you have gone to a good broker they will be ensuring they act in your best interests.  Reputable brokers also have access to both secured and unsecured lenders. This can often make it easier shopping for your loan in one place.


Is secured borrowing cost-effective?

Secured borrowing is normally always cheaper than unsecured loans, in most cases significantly cheaper. This is because it falls under loans with collateral it will mean that it will be secured against your home. Loans secured whether it be online secured loans or mortgages will need to be repaid if you decide to sell your house.

The same can be said when you remortgage. It is always worth comparing the total overall cost of an online secured loan or a remortgage. The interest and term of the secured borrowing are the key factors of what the total overall cost ends up being.


Considering an online secured loan?

Loansmart can help. Please contact us and we’ll be in touch to see what we can do for you.